Inherited Cholesterol Disorders--Familial Hypercholesterolemia

MEDPED stands for Make Early Diagnosis to Prevent Early Deaths.  It is a research project and a nonprofit organization funded to register and help treat people with inherited cholesterol disorders, such as Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH). The goal is to find persons with FH that are either undiagnosed or inadequately treated and help treat them by following the guidelines set by the National Cholesterol Education Guidelines (NCEP) , finding a diagnosis and finding the right treatment.

There are an estimated 10 million individuals with FH world wide.  Premature heart disease and death in middle-aged productive men and women occurs because their FH is not diagnosed or properly treated. Few patients are receiving the benefits of recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of FH.

The MEDPED Coordinating Center has the collaboration of the best lipid specialty physicians in the country.  One reason treating FH is so cost effective is that untreated FH patients have such a high risk of very early death. Thousands of patients with FH have been identified, through MEDPED, and helped to obtain an accurate diagnosis and the best available treatment to live longer lives!   

Unfortunately, many patients with FH are still not adequately treated. It is MEDPED's goal to reach as many FH patients, both children and adults.  We then educate them about lifestyle changes, as well as help them treat their disorder by advising them and their doctors of the best possible medical treatment therapies available, which includes statin medication.   We also want to help FH individuals by continuing research on the treatment of FH and referring them to lipid specialty physicians in their area.

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