Inherited Cholesterol Disorders--Familial Hypercholesterolemia

What is MEDPED?
MEDPED is a humanitarian nonprofit project funded to help treat individuals and families with inherited high cholesterol disorders.  We help  by:

  • Identifying, diagnosing and promoting treatment of persons with inherited high cholesterol and their affected relatives
  • Educating patients and their doctors
  • Fostering patient support, encouraging research for treatment of inherited high cholesterol disorders and advocating government assistance world wide

Who should Register ?
We can help find the diagnosis and give a referral, if needed, to anyone who thinks they may have an inherited cholesterol disorder or are unsure if their child or other family members does. 

Why register?
By registering with MEDPED you receive free:                   
  • Newsletters two times a year
  • Referrals to the nearest lipid specialty physician
  • News of clinical trials in your area
  • Educational materials about your disorder
  • Treatment advice if you need a second opinion
  • Confidentiality - all information is kept confidential.   
  • NO information is ever given to insurance companies

Where can I register ?
  • Through  your lipid specialty physician
  • Through our web site:
  • Through our toll free number: 1-888-244-2465
  • Through our Mailing address:
               University of Utah
               410 Chipeta Way, Room 161
                Salt Lake City, UT 84108